Hi, my name is Chris, and I’m a Trekoholic.

(Hi, Chris!)

What is this thing?

Dude, my life hasn’t always been rollercoasters and Fruit Roll-Ups. Neither has anyone else’s, I suppose. We all have ups and downs. When things get tough, we all have a special place to retreat. For me, it was into the 23rd Century to pal around with my buddies on the Enterprise. STAR TREK has gotten me through being a kid, gotten me through the bad years when my parents fought, when I got married, when I got divorced, when I’ve been sick, when others have died, when I was feeling blue and feeling great.

TREK has been the one thing that’s always been there, from the 1980’s to today.

It’s an escape.

It’s a comfort.

It’s almost medicinal.

Okay, so this is the point where you think I’m not rad, but some guy who spends all day, EVERYDAY, watching the TREK in my parents basement.

Wrong, dude.

First off, I don’t live with my parents. They don’t even live with each other. I don’t live in a basement, as my basement is full of un-played with toys and out-grown clothes belonging to my kids.

That’s right, TREK Nerd is a married dad. So much for stereotypes.

But back to this thing.

I am on a search for an answer to one of the most fundamental questions ever: Who am I?

I have recently felt like I was in crisis. I am a 40 year old man with three kids, a wife, an ex-wife and unsure about who I am. Most would describe me as an introvert. My wife says I’m a STAR TREK nerd. I think of myself as the kid who never lived up to his potential. The older I get, the further away I get from who I wanted to be and who I once had the potential to be.

I feel very lost and in a state of turmoil. I feel very stuck in a job that I am fortunate to have, but hate to go to (how original, right?).

I have started this blog to understand who I am. I am using this as a way to long back, to time travel with a means more powerful than the sun — my memories. This isn’t a STAR REK blog about my favorite episodes, articles on the actors or the latest updates about Star Trek: Discovery. This is a warp down Memory Lane that examines who I was, what I liked and how STAR TREK became so entangled in my life. This is nostalgia and success mixed with reality and heart-break. Oh, there will be heart-break, if this goes on long enough.

I also want to hear from out of you out in the Final Frontier. Surely STAR TREK has influenced your life and I’d like to know about it. If I get enough response, I’ll run a special or two and share your true and inspirational story.

My real purpose of this blog is to remember all the good times, to understand who I was and to know who I am now. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a little bit of happiness and be a little more content in my life.

If you like what you read, don’t bogart it, share with a friend.

If you don’t like what you read, well, there are plenty of other blogs to read. Passing over mine won’t hurt my feelings. Leaving negative comments will only show me you’re an airhead. We can part amicably, we’ll both be okay.

Let me be honest up-front. I have no idea how often I will blog. I’ll do my best to do it weekly. But I am a dad and husband. And a full time pest control technician. I have a lot of responsibilities and duties. There is not a lot of downtime.

When I am at work or standing in line, when I am sick and miserable, sometimes when I am in the middle of a good movie, I can tell you this… I’d rather be trekking.

NEXT TIME: I recall my earliest memories of TREK, followed by a series that explores my recollections of seeing TREK on the Big Screen.