Dude, in 2009 THE star trek Universe went through a major reboot. The writers found a way to respect what had come before while moving forward with new adventures for Kirk, Spock and McCoy. It was respectful, touching and signaled a new era in TREK. We met people who were new, yet familiar.

Likewise, I paralleled what was happening in STAR TREK.

My life had been rebooted in 2007.

Just after Christmas 2006, my wife Allison was very distant. I tried to reach her emotionally, but nothing worked. I gave her space to work through her issues. I even g that I could move out so she’d have time to focus on herself. So, I moved out.

Six weeks later, she emailed me and suggested e go to dinner.

I was thinking this was reconciliation. I thought I was dating my wife. Turns out I was dating her… for the last time. Before we could get to dessert, while we were in a crowded restaurant, she told me divorce was the only path possible.

I asked why.

“I can’t explain it. It’s very personal.” She said.

You know, the life we created together was personal to me as well. If she was moving on, I figured I was at least entitled to a Post-It note worth of information. That never came, but she did leave clues that told me what was going on.

So, my mid-2007, I was divorced. We left a few things dangling, like what we’d do to the condo, but we were no longer together.

I lived with my Dad during these times. Oddly enough, he was divorcing my Mom and I felt a lot of resentment towards him. He tried to console me through what I was experiencing, but he had no idea what it felt like to be left behind and cut loose.

So, imagine this. I moved back into the condo as a way to escape my Dad.

And then on October 6, 2007, I was running errands when I was in a car accident bad enough that it could have taken my life. How bad? The driver who hit me didn’t get out of his car because he assumed I was dead, that’s how bad.

When the fire department showed up, they declared me the luckiest guy of the week. I knew I was blessed. The fire fighters then set to cutting me out of my Saturn and prepping me to be airlifted to the hospital.

Yes, it was bad.

I was the one who called 911.

I also figured out what kind of shape I was in in the time it took the fire department to get to me. My right foot was jammed between the gas and the brake. I had a pain in my ribs and knee. My left hand had been cut when the driver side window shattered.

So, I took a helicopter ride to the hospital and then called my parents to come and get me. This was when my parents were starting to reconcile. Oh yeah, and it was my Mom’s birthday.

It would turn out that I needed to be off of work for three weeks and go to physical therapy. During this three-week span, I started to reconnect to STAR TREK. I had been trying to reconnect since 2005. But this time, I was different.

I hit on an idea for a TV show that I called “Star Trek: Call to Destiny”, about the early life of James Kirk and his ride through the Academy.

It was then that I started to research things and found that JJ Abrams would be covering Kirk’s early years in his TREK reboot, due in 2008. I scanned the imdb credits, they listed George and Winona Kirk. I got excited that this detail was correct.

I did not know, at this time, that the flick would take place in an alternate timeline.

I got more interested in researching the JJ Abrams TREK than my own. I also instant messaged my friend Matt.

Now, Matt had joined the Army Reserves a few years prior and he was in Iraq. IM-ing was the only way to communicate. He let me know he was there for me about the divorce and sorry to hear about the accident. Other than that, we talked TREK back and forth.

The wounds from the accident healed, I got into shape and I bought a Mustang. That was the car I drove when I met Julie in 2008. Six months after we met, we were married on a beach in Aptos, California.

I moved from Lancaster to Phoenix, Arizona. She had intentions of going to Pitt in Pittsburgh and I would go with her. Three months after I moved to Phoenix (And found a great hole in the wall Chinese take-out that I adored), we moved to Pittsburgh.

The Plan: We’d bpth get good jobs, she’d go to school and then start her career. We could start a family once we were established.

Sigh. You know how plans go.

Julie went to California when her sister gave birth. She took a look at her nephew and started talking kids with me. Long story short: My son Jaxsen and his cousin Brady are less than ten months apart in age. Yeah, we moved fast and I still believe that was a God intended.

My wife was a flight attendant with US Airways. I became a manager at Petco.

And two weeks after we found we were going to be parents, I found myself in an AMC Theatre at the Waterfront. Julie was next to me. This was the first movie we saw together in Pittsburgh.

Now, Julie is not a Trekker, Trekkie or TREK fan by any stretch of the imagination. She went to the theatre with me because I needed to satisfy my curiosity about what the hell JJ Abrams was up to.

Turns out he was up to something spectacular.

My fondest memory of seeing STAR TREK was that within ten minutes, Julie was bawling. She’s not a Trekker, not a crier, either. But there she was, like Spock’s death from TWOK was playing out.

It was the birth of Jim Kirk that got to her. She was pregnant, watching as a boy was being born that would never have his father. One thought led to another, which led to tears.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am watching the movie I’m writing about. In case you’re interested, I’m up to Tyler Perry’s Tyler Perry.

At the end of the movie, Julie turned to me and said, “That was pretty good. I’d see another one like that with that cast.”

I am sure she came to regret saying that.

To me, that was an open invitation for us to go and see all the TREK movies as they came out. After all, this cast was the only cast there might ever be going forward, barring some CGI advances or a reboot of the reboot (which is always possible, look at “Spider Man”).

In the same way that JJ Abrams brought STAR TREK back to life, I feel like Julie did that for me. She rebooted my life. For me, she is the last such reboot – we are both committed to this.

By the end of 2009, I was the father to a healthy baby boy. And to the delight of any TREK fan, my son was born on Nichelle Nichol’s birthday.

For the first time in a decade, I was anticipating the next TREK film. I was excited that I had a family and a wife who didn’t mind seeing a TREK movie with me.

Ah, Heaven.